A #zerowaste alternative grocery in Ashford

Bare Beginnings


About Me

I'm Kati. Hi! I'm in my thirties, married to Dave, mum to a hilarious two-year-old. I am from Tenterden and moved to Ashford in 2015 after three years in Birmingham, five in Sheffield, and four in London. 

I launched Bare Bazaar in direct response to the media coverage of plastic pollution. I became frustrated that I was not able to shop in the way I wanted, avoiding unnecessary plastic, and soon discovered I wasn't the only one.  After lots of market research and number crunching, I was able to devise a stock list, with prices that were competitive with supermarkets, and off we went to market ourselves.

Bare Bazaar debuted at Ashford Farmer's Market on 1 July 2018, and I was massively encouraged by the response. We were back at the August market, but are giving September a miss due to prebooked holiday - see AFM's Facebook page for more information. 

From 10 August we are popping up within Made in Ashford every Friday and Saturday  - see our blog for more information.


What We Do

We aren't here to preach, and we are by no means perfect, but inspired by the shocking imagery seen in the media recently, we aim to provide plastic-free solutions to your everyday shopping needs, putting the power in your hands to say no to plastic. We provide food that is safe, high quality and ultimately affordable. 

I'm not a vegetarian or a vegan, more of a flexitarian if you will, but Bare Bazaar will sell vegan-friendly products, including our household and toiletries ranges.

Buying unpackaged means your bin doesn't fill up so quickly, but it also means you don't get labels on your product - if you ever want to know more about the ingredients in a product, or where it's from, just ask!

In November 2018 we became incorporated as a CIC, that's a community interest company or social enterprise, a company working towards the good of the community. We will do this through engagement events and activities aimed at raising awareness of issues around recycling, waste and pollution - watch this space for more information!


More About Zero Waste

Following the airing of Blue Planet II and coverage in the national newspapers regarding the effects of plastic pollution, we are more aware than ever of our consumption of products which are packaged in single-use, non-recyclable materials. There is a drive for us all to make more sustainable choices, and there is a noticeable shift towards this.

Zero Waste as a movement has been going for years, but if you're new to it, see our handy resources page with lots of info on getting started. 

ZW Resources